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Aimee and David Thurlo are the authors of the Ella Clah series, featuring a former Navajo FBI agent who becomes head of a tribal police unit; the series’ sixteenth installment, Black Thunder, is just out. The Ella Clah books  have earned critical praise from a wide variety of sources. A New York Times Book Review critic noted that “Clah is always good company, on and off the reservation,” while Romantic Times had this to say of the protagonist: “Ella is compelling as a highly skilled officer of the law dealing with modern vs. traditionalist issues on the reservation.”

The Thurlos have been married for almost forty years and have been writing novels together for nearly that long, in a variety of genres including romance, young adult, and mystery. They have three ongoing mystery series, the Sister Agatha series, starring a cloistered nun, the Lee Nez series, featuring a Navajo vampire who teams up with a female FBI agent to fight crimes that have elements of the supernatural, and the works featuring Ella Clah. (more…)

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