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I am happy to announce publication of my latest book with Mysterious Press/Open Road Media, The Edit.

Here’s a brief summary:

An ex-Nazi on the run will do whatever it takes to keep his vicious past from being exposed in this chilling novel of suspense.

On the coast of Central America, an aging man sits down to pen his memoirs. He begins with his childhood in Vienna, just after World War I, when his family lived in respectable poverty and his greatest pleasure was being rocked to sleep in the lap of his beloved babysitter. It would be a sweet tale if the author could withhold what comes later . . . but he intends to tell every horrifying detail of the truth. He’s a war criminal, a veteran of the elite Nazi brigade known as the SS, and he’ll write proudly of every atrocity he can recall.

Distracting him from his work is inquisitive American journalist Kate O’Brien, who has come in search of a story. When Kate accidentally stumbles upon the old man’s pages, he has no choice but to act, kidnapping her and locking her in his basement. His latest crime threatening to expose him, the proud Nazi will come face to face with the horrors of his past and the blackness of his soul.

Impeccably researched and chillingly believable, The Edit is a truly unique novel of suspense written by J. Sydney Jones, author of Ruin Value, a groundbreaking mystery set in the shadow of the Nuremberg Trials. This time, Jones takes the reader into a truly horrifying place: deep within the mind of a Nazi.


The official pub date is December 13, 2016; pre-order is available now for both paperback and e-book editions. This book takes its title from the fact that the hero, Kate O’Brien, bored out of her gourd in the homemade concentration camp of the Nazi memoirist, begins to edit the man’s memoirs, re-writing them as his life should have been lived. The Edit is told via the memoir, its edits, and recorded conversations, and is at once an overview of twentieth century history and a chilling novel on the order of The Collector–for those of you lucky enough to remember the work of John Fowles. This stand-alone forms an informal trilogy with my two other publications with Mysterious Press: Ruin Value: A Mystery of the Third Reich and Basic Law: A Mystery of Cold War Europe.




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