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Dubbed “Canada’s answer to Elmore Leonard” by the Toronto Star, Canadian mystery author John McFetridge has a voice that is “colder, starker than Leonard’s,” according to January Magazine. His work has been called a “noir love song to Toronto” by Publishers Weekly.

Speaking to January Magazine, McFetridge remarked, “My books aren’t mysteries with a crime being solved, they’re about ongoing crimes. I work from character and theme. Very basic themes.”

McFetridge includes some of the same characters in his crime novels sent in Toronto, but does not have an ongoing series protagonist. In his recently released Let It Ride, he “bundles love, lust, avarice, ambition, perfidy, betrayal and drug dealing north of the border, all drenched in noir,” according to a Kirkus Reviews critic.

John, it is a real pleasure to have you on Scene of the Crime. (more…)

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