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Shamus Award-winning author I.J. Parker joins Scene of the Crime today to talk about her series of novels featuring Sugawara Akitada, who works as a minor official in the Ministry of Justice in Heian Kyo, capital of Japan in the 11th century. Akitada copes with this boring position by solving mysteries both low and high, from homicide among the peasantry to crimes that take him to the doors of the Imperial Palace.

“You couldn’t ask for a more gracious introduction to the exotic world of Imperial Japan than the stately historical novels of I. J. Parker,” wrote a reviewer for the New York Times. And other critics have agreed. A Publishers Weekly contributor, writing in a starred review, noted, “Parker gives her protagonist an emotional depth that raises her to the front rank of contemporary historical writers.” Another Publishers Weekly writer thought Parker “deftly combines an action-packed plot with convincing period detail to bring 11th-century Japan to life.”

Ingrid, thanks much for taking time away from your research and writing to chat with Scene of the Crime about the spirit of place in your work. (more…)

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