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Thanks to my excellent friend, Tom Ovens, there are now accompanying annotations and illustrations for the third novel in my Viennese Mysteries series, The Silence.

So, if there are those of you out there who have been scratching their heads about where the action takes place in Vienna, there is a fine map that follows the intrepid Werthen and Gross on their investigations. Each historical reference is given a loving explication; sites in the novel now have illustrations, most of them from 1900, such as that above, of the Votivkirche. Why is it called that? Check out the accompanying annotation to find out.

Best of all, there is nothing to buy. Simply get out your Severn House edition of the novel, and follow page by page and line by line the plentiful illustrations and annotations that Tom–a fellow Viennophile from way back–has made available on the amazing Web site, Book Drum.  Then follow the clickables in the blue menu bar at the top. “Bookmarks” contains the annotations/illustrations. But there are also reviews posted, as well as a map, summary, and glossary, among other addenda.

Vielen dank, Tom.

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