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Today’s guest at Scene of the Crime is Canadian author Anthony Bidulka, creator of the Russell Quant series set in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as well as various locales around the world. As New York’s Mystery Scene Magazine noted, “Quant makes for a riveting hero…the kind you want to have–unless you’re a killer.”

Bidulka is the winner of Lambda Literary Award and a two-time finalist for an Arthur Ellis Award. Bidulka’s series, which began in 2003 with Amuse Bouche, is seven strong with the 2010 addition, Date with a Sheesha, set partly in the Middle East. Toronto’s Globe & Mail felt that “Bidulka has created a clever series that has loads of charm and wit.”

Anthony, thanks much for joining us on Scene of the Crime. I love the short bio from your homepage: “Anthony Bidulka has enjoyed time well-spent and misspent in the worlds of academia, accounting, footwear, food services and farming. In 1999 Anthony Bidulka, BA, BEd, BComm, CA left a decade long career as a Chartered Accountant to pursue writing.” Good career choice. (more…)

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