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Michael Gregorio is the writing name of the couple Daniela De Gregorio and Michael G. Jacob. The pair has created a wonderful historical mystery series set in the early nineteenth century and featuring rural Prussian magistrate, Hanno Stiffeniis. In the series opener, Critique of Criminal Reason, Stiffeniis is on the track of a serial killer spreading terror in Königsberg. That debut earned the authors a starred review from Publishers Weekly, who called the book a “stellar debut … that cunningly incorporates the ideas of the great thinker Immanuel Kant into a twisty, fast-moving whodunit plot.” Booklist declared of this same work, “Sherlock Holmes himself would struggle to keep up with the master sleuth Gregorio brings to life.”

In the second installment, Days of Atonement, with Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops still occupying Prussia, Stiffeniis investigates the brutal killing of three children. Publishers Weekly termed this novel an “outstanding” historical, while Booklist dubbed it an “enthralling sequel.” Another serial killer is on the loose in the third series addition, A Visible Darkness. The setting for this one is along the Amber Coast of the Baltic Sea. In their third consecutive starred Publishers Weekly review, a contributor called the book a “superb … whodunit…[that] subtly probes the heart of human darkness.” (more…)

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