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For my first interview I would like to welcome prize-winning writer Leighton Gage, author of the wonderful Chief Inspector Mario Silva series, set in Brazil.

Author Leighton Gage

As Leighton notes on his homepage : “Chief Inspector Mario Silva has a big job. He’s a Brazilian Federal Cop. In his country there’s no FBI, no DEA, no Secret Service, no DHS, no CBP and most police corporations have no Internal Affairs Department. Mario and his colleagues have to do it all and more. And they do it while traveling a lot. The area of their responsibility is larger than the continental United States.”

The most recent title in the series is Dying Gasp. Leighton’s books have earned praise from many corners. A New York Times reviewer found the series “top notch,” and a Booklist contributor called it am “outstanding series,” adding, “Silva just may be South America’s Kurt Wallander.” (more…)

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