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Maureen Carter is the author of the critically acclaimed DS Bev Morriss crime series, seven books strong, and the  police procedural featuring reporter Caroline King and DI Sarah Quinn. Former BBC news presenter Carter  began her DS Bev Morriss series with the 2004 Working Girls, a title about which Reviewing the Evidence declared, “Carter can do dialogue… the writing has bounce and energy, as befits a journalist.” This was followed with Dead Old, Baby Love, and Hard Time, which  Eurocrime praised for its “no-nonsense pared down style which combined with an action filled plot leaves the reader gasping for breath and turning the pages.” Then came Bad Press, Blood Money, and  Deathline.

Carter’s DI Quinn series kicked off with the 2011 Question of Despair, of which Library Journal said, ” Crisply written with an electric pace – this story won’t soon leave you.” Mother Love followed, then with then this year’s Dying Bad. (more…)

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