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Vicki Delany brings us closer to home, vis-à-vis setting, for our next Scene of the Crime interview. A well-known Canadian writer, Delany sets her contemporary Smith and Winter series in British Columbia. But she also has a historical mystery series set in the Yukon Territory of 1898. For this interview, Delany concentrates on her contemporary mystery series, about which a Publishers Weekly reviewer  wote, [Delany] uses a bare-bones style, without literary flash, to achieve artistry as sturdy and restrained as a Shaker chair. Warmth and menace, past and present, are nicely balanced, with a denouement that’s equally plausible and startling.”

Vicki was good enough to take time out from her series writing and her stand-along suspense novels set in Ontario to answer a few questions about the importance of place in her writing. (more…)

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