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Today Scene of the Crime welcomes veteran mystery writer Cara Black, author of the popular Aimée Leduc series, set in contemporary Paris. Black knows her setting and relishes taking the reader into the insider’s Paris, as noted by a reviewer for the New York Times who wrote, “If the cobblestones of the old Marais district of Paris could only talk, they might tell a tale as haunting as the one Cara Black spins.” Of Cara’s spirited protagonist, a Publishers Weekly contributor observed, “Aimée makes an engaging protagonist, vulnerable beneath her vintage chic clothing and sharp-witted exterior.”

Black began her series in 1998 with Murder in the Marais, and since that time has been working her ways steadily through the districts of Paris, setting each new novel in a different part of the city. However, the idea for the series had been percolating since 1984 when she was inspired by the Marais district before it was gentrified. A decade later the idea for the first novel came to her as she was walking around the city at night. Along with the story came the image of her tattooed, spike-haired female detective. Cara’s tenth Aimée Leduc novel, Murder in the Palais Royal, is out next month.

Cara, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with Scene of the Crime and talk about Paris. (more…)

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