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THE EDIT ebook Special Today

Remembrance of things past

Remember today, Monday, December 19, The Edit ebook is reduced to $2.99. There’s a Christmas deal for you! Available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Open Road.

The Edit has been chosen as part of my publisher’s Early Bird Books program.  I urge you to sign up for this free book club with daily or weekly emails to inform you of free or bargain ebooks.

The Edit continues to draw strong reviews. One reader notes: “This is one of the most unusual books I’ve read this year. It’s refreshing to find an innovative plot with only two characters at the fore…. Jones does a masterful job…. The research by author Jones makes this a very real, but rather horrifying look at a former Nazi war criminal, who manages to rationalize his acts. WWII aficionados will want to read this to get the ‘rest of the story’.”

Also, you may want to take a look also at the new Web site for The Edit.


Happy reading.


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