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the edit - CopyThe first review for The Edit, due out in December, is in, and it’s a corker. Kirkus Reviews had praise for the “measured, ingratiating first-person narrative,” and went on to note: “Jones brings deliciously dark humor to his psychological thriller, a worthy cousin to John Fowles’ The Collector.”

I will take a comparison to Fowles any day! And by the way, a pronunciation guide. Fowles is one of my favorite all-time authors (who can resist his depiction of Picasso in his collection The Ebony Tower as “pickarsehole”?), but I long struggled with how to pronounce his surname. For years I would pronounce it as if it were a series of sports infractions. Then I met a young woman who claimed to have personally interviewed the man and that his name is pronounced as one would say the plural for young horse. Now a quick survey of online sources takes me back to my original–it rhymes with “howls” (or fouls).

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