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n437239Hey folks–

Just to let you know, today only, December 2, 2013, you can get my new new mystery/thriller, Ruin Value: A Mystery of the Third Reich, at an 80% discount for the e-book. Just go to my page at Mysterious Press and click through to the supplier you want–Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo. Only $2.99. You can get any of the other great e-books from Mysterious Press for the same 80% discount today only.

And pardon the horn tooting, but Ruin Value also continues to get good reviews. I last shared some of these with you on a September 30, 2013 posting. Below are some more.

To refresh the memory–a brief synopsis:

“Nuremberg is a dead city. In the aftermath of World War II, two-thirds of its population has fled or is deceased, with thirty thousand bodies turning the ruined industrial center into a massive open grave. Here, the vilest war criminals in history will be tried. But in Nuremberg’s dark streets and back alleys, chaos rules.

Captain Nathan Morgan is one of those charged with bringing order to the home of the war crime trials. A New York homicide detective who spent the war in Army intelligence, he was born to be a spy—and now, in 1945, there is no finer place for his trade than Nuremberg. As the US grapples with the Soviets for postwar supremacy, a serial murderer targets the occupying forces. Nathan Morgan may be the perfect spy, but it’s time for him to turn cop once800px-Nuremberg_in_ruins_1945_HD-SN-99-02987 more.”
“Jones’ portrayal of the devastation caused by allied bombing picks up the reader by the scruff of the neck and deposits him/her right in the middle of the rubble….Ruin Value is a very good read.”
“The author of this novel is a strong writer who is able to recreate the atmosphere and details of a post-WWII German city.”
Reviewing the Evidence–
“[Jones] creates believable characters of every sort and there is a plot that is worthy of the setting…. The best developed character though was the killer.  Jones has created a background for this person that lends understanding but still horrifies …[and adds] to the edge of your seat thrill of the story.”
Freedom Acres–
435px-Nuremberg_in_Ruins_1945_HD-SN-99-02986“[Ruin Value] ratcheted up the suspense as the killer grew closer to the detectives and the reporter. The time and setting is a reminder that anti-Semitism didn’t miraculously disappear once the war was over. Morgan is Jewish and endures epithets not only from the Germans but from his fellow Americans. Not only war is hell.”
Historical Novel Society–
Known for his carefully researched and well-developed characters,…[Jones] takes his readers to the setting of the Nuremberg Trials in the fall of 1945.”
Jane Crooks Britt, Florida Times-Union

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